Aquarius weekly tarot february 4 2020

You can't say it'll be a boring one!

The week ahead for aquarius

You meet many and enriching new people and take control to hit up the right places and adapt to new situations. Even if things don't seem to be happening as quickly as you'd like them to, don't try to force anything, but instead, continue relying on your discipline.

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You are particularly active and driven. Don't overestimate your strength, and think about not overdoing it or else your energy will slowly run out.

Weekly Horoscope

Make the right resolutions for preserving your well-being and stick to them. Take advantage of your weekends to ease up and don't skip sports to blow off some steam.

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Don't skip over anything! Keep your sense of reality and foresight, and, to get luck on your side, be cautious and wise.

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Aquarius Weekly Astrology and Tarot Forecast 4th February 2019

Rising sign calculator. Tarot of Mademoiselle Lenormand. Chinese Elements.

horoscope for Aquarius and previsions

The planetary alignment is not the only cause for this good piece of news, but also your attitude regarding the improvement of your well-being. Therefore, you are willing to go to the doctor, to improve the state of your teeth, for example, to try different movement therapies that can help you both physically and energetically, to resort to rituals that can positively charge your body, to make healthy changes in your diet and so on.

You are very determined to take care of yourself, of the way you feel and you spend your time and even the way you look.

Your image is one of the priorities of this year and you will even receive compliments that you look better, that you are full of energy, that your complexion is brighter etc. In other words, your state of health will be more your merit than the stars. Keep going and you are going to have a wonderful year.

February Horoscope 2020 Overview

A push and a burst of ambitions may start the period off but that quickly recedes and leaves way for more altruistic, more visionary attachments. This year what you work for…pays off.


For the most part the passionate parts of your focus and your energy are on other horizons and different kinds of assets. Investments are likely to be those that pay off in long term possibilities and may reflect a new love of home or a literal move to better surroundings. While you will bend and shift and go with the flow the striking differences that surface can startle those around you. Try not to suddenly appear in a completely new look…. You may suddenly love a new color, a new look, a new house, new people…enjoy this chance to shake loose anything that has grown stale and lifeless and to adopt some new attitudes and ideals.

Continue to stay fascinated with beliefs systems and how they work….