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They like good food and entertainment activities and these people always remain young at heart, irrespective of their age. They have a perfect blend of being flirtatious, romantic and caring. Home is their favorite place where they feel security and happiness. Some positive traits of people belonging to Gemini Cancer cusp include humorous, elegant, tender, cheerful, playful, romantic, caring, friendly, and reliable. They also have some negative traits that include jealous, gawky, restless, manipulative and calculative. These people like to spend time with children but they may suffer from inconsistent marriage because of their flirtatious nature.

They have great interest in history, archaeology, genealogy and other subjects related to history. The imbalance that they tend to feel within due to the influence of the dual-elements and planets that rule them, can very well be balanced when in the company of the sign that is known as "The Balancer or Harmonizer" of the zodiac chart. Another plus point is that Libra too, is ruled by the planet Venus just like Taurus , so the passion, love, indulgence, and romance just doubles with this combo.

We can't say that Librans are "tameable" in the true sense of the word. They use their own brains to weigh the pros and cons of a given situation and balance out the unevenness by choosing the option that calls for peace and harmony.

Does Being Born on the Cusp Affect Astrological Compatibility?

Having said that, they can become quite manipulative and stubborn at times, but soon enough, they realize that this tendency of theirs is sabotaging the peace and passion of the bond, and immediately they balance themselves again. They understand that it isn't wise to categorize everything into black and white, that there also exists a gray shade that is an inevitable part of every personality, even if it is a challenging and bold one such as the Aries-Taurus cusp.

Both want the best of life, therefore, this mutual need and zest for life would make them great companions in discovering the unknown roads in the path of life. Taurus the Earth Sign. Taureans can be defined as anything but submissive, docile, and gullible!

All about compatible Zodiac Signs

But irrespective of this, we say that this zodiac sign can be quite a good match for the Aries-Taurus cuspians. Why so? You may ask. Well, first off, when you have two different elements ruling you, the imbalance can be brought to a significant level, if you find someone with one of the two elements. What we are trying to say is that "two times" Taurus will successfully overshadow the fierceness and childishness that comes from the Aries influence.

While the same can stand true in case of an Aries partner, the thing is that pairing up with an Aries will be equivalent to adding fuel to the fire, and too much fire can be destructive.

The Cusp of Beauty is a beautiful thing, indeed

What this cusp needs is more of earth, and that too the same bull-owned earth, because a part of this cusp has the very same nurturing energy. What if you have someone who always agrees to one of the two options that you have in mind? With other dominant signs, it may be the case, where you are confused between A and B, but your partner wants to go for C. However, in this case, if option A comes from your Arian side and option B comes from your Taurean side, then your Taurean partner will most likely help affirm your decision to take option B. Although, the Aries-Taurus cusps hate to take opinions, but when you have a partner who shares a part of you, and that too the one that is more analytical, logical, and patient than the Aries, you surely will make a great team.

Yes, there will be conflicts, as the Aries impulsiveness may clash with the Taurean rigidity, but, if an understanding is established, this is definitely a win-win pair. The list above consists of some not all of the Air, Water, and Earth signs, as each of them work well in some way or the other to gel well with this powerful cusp combo.

With this cusp, it is nothing but the fierceness that needs to be balanced a tad bit, which is why, fire signs such as Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius are unlikely to be a good match for this cusp. On the other hand, the jealousy, possessiveness, and vengeful attitude of the Scorpio will be too much for this cusp to handle. Speaking of the air signs, Aquarius and Gemini, they appreciate their eccentricity and freedom quite a lot, and trying to control them, which this cusp would, will only drift them further away.

Hence, the best match for Aries-Taurus cusp comes down to the signs mentioned above.

2. Leo-Virgos Will Make Some Of The Best Lovers

However, considering the fact that the presence of other contributing determinants also influences one's personality, don't be surprised if you see this April cusp with a completely unexpected sign! Share This. Personality Traits of a Taurus-Gemini Cusp. Leo and Taurus Compatibility. Taurus Man in Love.

Taurus and Gemini Compatibility. Taurus Man and Libra Woman. Personality Traits of Taurus Women. Dating a Taurus Man. Characteristics of an Aries Male. If you belong to this cusp, you are very diligent, passionate, honest and aimed at success. The signs have the opposite traits. These qualities do not always go well with each other. Born at the turn of two signs, it is hard to say which sign influences you greater.

Some people of this cusp want to get a lot of attention like Leos, others are more like Virgos and prefer to lead a quiet and usual life. Despite of it, you can be called a very hard-working person who takes a passionate interest in his or her business. If you are able to reach balance between introversion and extroversion, you will gain the rarest ability whether to express your opinion or keep silence in the right moment.

An issue for this people is a relationship.

They appreciate their privacy and want people who understand it. If you were born within the period of 19 of September, you can be called beautiful from the outer and inner sides.

All About Cusp Signs & Cusp Sign Compatibility

The energy of these signs go well together and people of this cusp are very artistic, intellectual and balanced. You are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, and Venus, the planet of love. Both planets give you their best features: rationalism, creativity and sociability. If you belong to the cusp of Beauty, you are always in the know.

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  • You like beautiful things, people, art and nature. But you might seem rather superficial if your urge towards beauty will run high. But you are not this kind of person, you have analytical and quick mind and diligence.

    How You Fall In Love, Based On Your Zodiac ‘Cusp’ Sign

    If you belong to the cusp of Beauty, you need to have your life in order. You want everything to go well and look great.


    If you were born within the period of 19 to 25 of October, thus, at the joint of Libra and Scorpio signs, you are ruled by two planets - Venus and Pluto. Sometimes, it is hard for you to deal with your intellect, energy and sexuality. You have such a strong personality that should be very alert not to become too haughty.

    You are a good leader who is able to realize all your dreams. Libras are ruled by intellect, whereas Scorpios are led by strong and deep emotions. It can lead to the conflict between mind and heart.

    1. Leo-Virgos Are The Perfect Combination Of Unforgivably Bold, Dynamic, And Considerate

    But, having a strong personality, you will be able to balance between the intellectual and emotional sides. You feel the necessity to come to the point of everything. But you will be much happier, if you can calm down your inner critic and just relax. If you belong to Scorpio and Sagittarius cusp, you are full of rebellious energy. You are energetic, passionate, generous, imperious and have a good sense of humor. You are a fearful person who may get out of hand. It is important for you to guide your energy and spend it on some productive things.

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    • If you do this, you will reach success in different spheres. The elements of these signs create a complex personality that, sometimes, can be hard to understand. If you find a way to balance your aggressive qualities by the ability to adapt, you will become stronger, more lavish and amiable.